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This is a World of Warcraft Addon recommendation site. It lists popular addons, addons I currently use, addons I thought others may like and links to addon sites and general addon information. Addons are broken down into categories on the right side of the page.


Update - Dec 12. 2014

Added: Skip all the Things!

Update - Nov 26. 2014

Added: HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures, QuestPlates, rVignette
New Category: Garrison

Update - Nov 5. 2014

Added: Atlas World Map, Bugger, Dugi Questing Essnetial, Inventorian, NoGuild, Numeration Damage Meter, Recipe Helper, xanAutoMail

Addons in Draenor

Rares, Chests, Etc

I have been using a combination of rVignette and HandyNotes_DreanorTreasures (HNDT) to get lots of loot. As you run around rVignette will pop up a message when a rare is nearby. HNDT marks all of the rare mobs, chests and other lootable items on your map. Rare mobs are marked with a skull. Check the skulls on the map for the name rVignette popped up and head toward it. The icons HNDT puts on the map will show you what loot can be gained at that location when you hover over them. Loot ranges from gear to garrison resources and vendor trash.

Garrison Addons

Master Plan will put the missions your followers can complete most successfully on the top of the mission list. It will highlight the follower skills required for each mission. One of the best features is completing all missions on one screen which then shows the loot you received. No more animations for each mission! It also has a feature that shows you the teams you can send on missions and their success percentages, click the team you want and it automatically puts the followers in for you.
Broker Garrison - is an LDB addon that shows the status of missions, shipments and buildings. It also allows you to modify the way WOW alerts you for these items.
If you are looking for a guide on Garrisons Wowhead has a nice one.