About Vranx

This is a World of Warcraft user interface recommendation site. It lists popular addons, addons I currently use, addons I thought others may like and links to addon sites and general addon information. Addons are broken down into categories on the right side of the page.

My User Interface



Achievement:: Tabard Addict
Compilations: Blacksteel UI, OwD UI, SyncUI
Flight: WorldFlightMap
Friends|Ignore: Global Ignore List
Garrison: FollowerLocationInfo, GarrisonCommander
Information: SX Databar
Inventory: New Openables
Macro: Select
Misc: Flash Taskbar
Nameplates: NameplateCooldowns
PvP: BigDebuffs, Incoming, OmniBar, sArena
Quest: Factionizer, Kaliel's Tracker
Raid|Instance: Mouseover Out of Range Pointer, RaidFadeMore
TradeSkill: Better Archaeology UI
TransMog: GlowFoSho
Vendor: Auto Seller

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