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Vranx was created in January 2008 to help World of Warcraft players find addons and compilations. The addons on this page have been updated for Dragonflight.

Dragonflight Addons Categories

Achievements | Action Bar | Addon Control | Alts | Arena | Art | Auction | Bags | Battle Pets | Battleground | Buff | Castbar | Chat | Collections | Companions | Combat | Cooldowns | Cursor | Damage Meter | Data Bars | Data Broker | Debuff | Dungeon | Farming | Flight | Fonts | Frame Mods | Friends | Gear | Graphics | Guild | Healing | Ignore | Inspect | Interface Options | Inventory | Keybinds | Keystones | LDB | LFG | Looting | Macros | Mail | Map | Minimap | Missions | Mounts | Nameplate | Notepads | PvE | PvP | Quest | Raid | Rares | Renown | Reputation | Roleplay | Sounds | Stat Priority | Tabards | Talent Tree | Tooltip | Tradeskill | Transmog | Unit Frames | Vendor | XP


AchievementsReminder | HaveIDoneThat | Instance Achievement Tracker | Krowi's Achievement Filter | RaidAchievement | WoW Challenger

Action Bar

Replace Default Action Bars: Bartender4 | Dominos
Add Bars/Buttons: ActionbarPlus | ButtonForge | Geist | OPie | ShadowDancer
Adds Pressed Button Animation: jButtonFlash
Button Glow Hide: Hide Button Glow
Button Glow Toggle: SpellAlertToggle
Cooldown Color: GreyOnCooldown
Cooldown Numbers: OmniCC
Mouseover Bars: MouseoverActionBars
Red out of Range: tullaRange
Show Buffs/Debuffs/Spell Activations: LiteButtonAuras
Skin Buttons: HideActionBarBorders | Masque | Masque Blizz Bars
Wipe Bars: WipeBarsConfirm

Addon Control/Settings

Addon Control: Addon Control Panel | BetterAddonList | Simple Addon Manager | TooManyAddons
Addon CPU Usage: Addon Usage | AddOns CPU Usage
Alignment Grid: Pixel Perfect Align
Display Lua Errors: BugGrabber | BugSack
Error Messages Redirect: ErrorMonster | xanErrorDevourer
Profiles | Settings: BtWLoadouts | Myslot


Altoholic | AltVault | Armory | Exlist | Vortex
Track Alts Recipes: DoesMyAltKnowThat?
Track Alts Reputation: AltReps
Track Guildies Alts: Alts

Art | Graphics

Aurora | HideActionBarBorders | Skinner
Create Panels: kgPanels
Replace Graphics: Clean Icons - Mechagnome Edition | Clean Icons - Thin | Dark Theme UI | Flat Player Icons | Shadowlands Micro Menu Buttons
Skin Buttons: Masque


Auctionator | Auctioneer | TradeSkillMaster
Display Prices in Tooltips: Oribos Exchange | RECrystallize | Undermine Journal
Gold Farm Value: BagAppraiser | KiwiFarm | WorthIt
Reports: Auction Watch
Show Bids: AH_ShowBid
Sniping: AnS | Point Blank Sniper
Track Sales: Journalator
Transmog Tracker: Collectionator


Bags - One Big Bag: Bagnon | Baud Bag | Inventorian | LiteBag
Bags - Items sorted into Categories: AdiBags | ArkInventory | Baggins | cargBags | TBag | xBag
Bags - Searchable List of Items: Sorted
Bags - Searchable List of items including Alts: Baud Manifest
Enhance Default Bags: BagSearchPlus | BoE labels in Bags | Garbage Desaturation in Bags | ItemLevels in Bags | Simple Item Levels
Find Least Valuable Item to Delete when Bags are Full: BagSaver | Dejunk | DropTheCheapestThing | Worthless
Show Remaining Bag Space: Bagmeter
Stack Items: Stackpack

Battle Pets

Annene | Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks | Battle Pet Daily Tamer | PetTracker | Pokedex | Rematch

Buff | Debuff | Cooldowns

Aura Frames | BigDebuffs | Buff Timers | ButtonTimers | Elkano's BuffBars | Gnosis | NeedToKnow | NugRunning | Raven | TellMeWhen | WeakAuras | xanBuffTimers | xanDebuffTimers
Buff Monitoring Buffwatch++ | Buffzilla | SmartBuff
Buffs/Debuffs on Nameplates NameplateAuras | NugPlateAuras
Cooldowns CooldownCount | CooldownToGo | Doom_CooldownPulse | OmniCD | TimerBars
Debuff Removal Decursive
Show Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons: OmniCC


CastCursor | Classic Castbars | eCastingBar | Gnosis | HideCastbar | NugCast | Quartz | Voodoo Casting Bar


alaChat | BasicChatMods | DejaChat | LS: Glass | Prat | xanChat
Add Icons to Links: ChatLinkIcons
Add Main Name to Chat: Identity | Name2Chat
Allow Multiple Guilds to share Guild Chat: EK XFaction | GreenWall
Announce Spell Casts to Chat: Raeli's Spell Announcer | SpellAnnounce
Bar for Channel Selection: ChatBar | QuickChat
Bind Keys to Chat Channels: ChatKeys
Bind Windows to Chat Tabs: ChatTabBind
Copy Chat Settings to Other Characters: Copybara
Copy Text: Chat Copy Paste
Go Over 255 Characters: UnlimitedChatMessage
Instant Messengers: WIM
Links: LinkWrangler
Log Chat Messages: Elephant
Move Input Box to Top of Chat Frame: ChatInputTop
Reformat System Messages: Cash Flow Lite | Chat Cleaner | LootLite | MiniLoot
Resize Input Box: Big Input Box
Roleplay: Emote Splitter | Listener | Tongues
Show Chat as Combat Text: ScrollingChatText
Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer
Spam: Anti_Spam | BadBoy | LFG Shout/Trade Shout | LFGSpamFilter

Collections | Companions | Mounts

All the Things | Livestock | Rarity | Toy Box Enhanced
Mounts: Choose Mount | gmMounts | LiteMount | Mount Collection Log | Mount Collector | Mount Journal Enhanced | MountsJournal | MountSpy | ValorMount | WorthIt - Guides | Zone Mount
Tabards: Advanced Tabards | Tabard Addict


Alert When Standing in Bad Stuff: GTFO
Announce Spell Casts to Chat: SpellAnnounce
CC Tracker: Afterlife Crowd Control | LoseControl
Combat Text: Classic Floating Combat Text | MikScrollingBattleText | RgsCT | SCT Reborn | xCT+ Combat Text
Duel: MicroDeclineDuel
Focus Target: FocusInterruptSounds
Range to Target Display: RangeDisplay
Resource Tracking - Combo Points/Chi/Mana/Energy/Holy Power: Galvin's UnitBars | NugComboBar | NugEnergy
Rotation: Conditioner | Conflict Rotation Optimizer | DNA | Hekili | HeroRotation | MaxDps | RotaCast | Watcher
Sounds: Hear Kitty


CursorMod | CursorTrail | Mouse Sonar
Castbar on Cursor: CastCursor

Damage Meter

Details! | Recap | Recount | Skada

Data Bars | Data Broker

Data Broker Displays: Bazooka | ChocolateBar | NinjaPanel | StatBlockCore | Titan Panel
You can see many data broker plugins on my Plugins page.
Information Bars: Kiminfo


Farming Bar | Farmed | Farmer | FarmRestock | Gathering | Gathering Tracker | GatherTracker | GrindLoot | Hyperspawn | WorthIt
Instance/Raid: Instance Profit Tracker


InFlight | WorldFlightMap


AnyFont | Scale UI Font

Frame Mods

BlizzMove | DeModal | Drift | Move And Improve | MoveAny | MoveAround | MoveIt
Achievement Frame: xanAchievementMover
Arena Frame: Arena UI Remover
Bag Frame: Bag Bar Mover | MovableBagFrames
Boss Frame: Simple Boss Frame
Buff Frame: BasicBuffs
Darker Frames: Dark Theme UI | FrameColor | Uber UI
Game Menu: Big Game Menu
Guild Frame: Classic Guild Frame
LFG Eye Frame: LFG Eye Mover
Mail Frame: Gnomish Inbox Shrinker
Micro Menu Frame: ColorfulMicroMenu | Hide Micro Menu | Menu Bar Mover | MovableMenuFrames
Objective Tracker: FadeObjectiveTracker
Talking Head: BeQuiet
Unit Frame: Jax Classic Frames
XP/Rep Bar Frame: XP/Rep Bar Mover

Friends | Ignore

FriendGroups | Friend Notes | Friend List Colors | Personal Blacklist

Gear | Stat Priority

Best in Slot: Best In Slot Manager
Boss Loot Tables: AtlasLoot Enhanced | Mythic Plus Loot
Character Frame/Stats: BetterCharacterPanel | Crystal Sockets | DejaCharacterStats | Durability And ItemLevel | Enchant Me | Fizzle | ItemLevelDisplay | Simple Item Levels | SinStats Character Stats | Stat Priority
Character Simulation/Improvement: AskMrRobot | Simulationcraft
Compare: Auto Equipment Compare
Convert Combat Ratings into Percentages in Tooltips: Convert Ratings
Gear Scores in Tooltips for Comparisons: GearStatistics | Pawn
Looting Gear: AutoGear
Managers: ItemRack | Outfitter
Required Level: Requires Level X


Guild Roster Manager


Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | MacFrames | Plexus | VuhDo | Whammy
Enhance Default Raid Frames: Advanced Raid Frame Settings | Buff Overlay | Enhanced Raid Frames
Add Spell Buttons/Bars to Unit Frames: Healium | Quick Heal | Rewatch
Announce Status to Chat: Healer Protection
Click Casting: Clicked | Clique


InspectEquip3 | TinyInspect

Interface Options

AdvancedInterfaceOptions | Annoying Pop-Up Remover | CTMod | Def's Toolbox | DTweaks | Leatrix Plus
Enhance Blizzard HUD: BlizzHUDTweaks | Bravo's UI Improvements | ColorfulMicroMenu | Edit Mode Expanded | Edit Mode Features | KDO UI | KrioUI | Qbrick's UI Tweeks
Hide Blizzard HUD: Conceal | HideCastbar | Hide Micro Menu
Move Blizzard HUD: MovableBagFrames | MovableMenuFrames
Camera Settings: ActionCamPlus | DynamicCam | MaxCam
Fonts: AnyFont Redux


Consumable Tracker: Consumable Tracker
Inventory Sorting/Stacking: BankStack | RinseOBags | Stackpack | Sushi Sort
Inventory Trackers: BagSync | ItemCountTooltip | Item Count | Stash | UberInventory Reborn | zz_itemsdb
Searchable List of items including Alts: Baud Manifest


BindPad | Clicked | KeyBindProfiles | Spec Keybinds


Astral Keys | DoKeys | Mythic Plus Key Announcer
Add Info to the Mythic Keystone Objective Tracker: Angry Keystones
Automatically Place your Keystone into the Font of Power: Auto Keystone

LFG - Looking for Group

LFG Shout/Trade Shout | LFGSpamFilter | LFM+ | lookingforgroup(lfg) | Premade Groups Filter | TidyLFG


Replace Default Loot Frame: Improved Loot Frame | XLoot
Better Toasts: ls: Toasts
Determine Value: LootAppraiser
Speed Up Looting: Faster Loot | Speedy AutoLoot
Trade Loot: Personal Loot Trader


Macro Creation: LargerMacroIconSelection | M6 | Macrohelper | Macro Toolkit | Mega Macro
Adds a Macro Which Creates a Flyout List: Select
Automatic Updating for Best Food/Water Macros: AutoBar | Buffet | DrinkBot
Bind Keys: KeyMacros
Chat Text Linked to Macros: Macro-Talk
Create Sequence of Macros: GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced


EasyMail | Extended Mail UI | Favorite Contacts | Gnomish Inbox Shrinker | MailTo Again | OpenAll | Postal
Automate Sending Items to Alts: GrandMail | Lockbox Mailer | MailCommander


Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | Fullscreen World Map Shrinker | Leatrix Maps | Mapster | OmegaMap | Persistent World Map
Add a Line from Your Character to the Edge of the Map: MapLine
Add Waypoints: JackJack | TomTom
Coordinates: Coordinates | MapCoords | X and Y
Dragonriding Glyphs: Dragonriding Glyph Finder
Flight Map: WorldFlightMap
Instance Maps: Atlas
Map Notes: Candy Buckets | HandyNotes
Show Gathering Nodes: GatherMate2
Show Wormholes: Interactive Wormholes
Tracking: World Map Tracking Enhanced
Zone Info: ZoneInfo 2


BasicMinimap | Mappy | SexyMap
Add a Line/Arrow for Direction You are Heading: Handy Minimap Arrow | MinimapLine
Add Alerts for Tracked Items: Minimap Alert
Change Minimap Icons: Keyboard's Minimap Icons
Coordinates: Coordinates | X and Y
Extend the Range to see Rares: Minimap Range Extender
Put Minimap Buttons into one Flyout Menu: HidingBar | MinimapButtonBag | MinimapButtonButton
Remove Covenant Icon Flashing: Remove Flashing Covenant Icon
Tracking Options: Minimap Tracker Options


Add Players Country Flag: GroupfinderFlags
Create Wowhead Links: Wowhead Quick Link
Currencies: CurrencySorter | Currency Tracking
Find Best Travel Path Between Locations: Cheepath | JackJack
Gold Tracking: Accountant
Scraping: Easy Scrap
Screenshots: ScreenPlus
Search Game Item Database: Global Search | Ludwig
Tanking: TankHelper
Use Console Controllers: ConsolePort


Garrison Order Hall Report | In Progress Missions
Battle for Azeroth Command Table: ChampionCommander | War Plan
Dreanor Garrison: GarrisonCommander | Master Plan
Followers: FollowerLocationInfo
Legion Missions: OrderHallCommander
Shadowlands Covenant: Covenant Mission Success Estimates | TLDR Missions | Venture Plan


Aim | KiwiPlates | KuiNameplates | NamePlateKAI | NeatPlates | Nephilist Nameplates | Plater Nameplates | RSPlates | Simple Threat Plates | Stripes | Threat Plates | Tidy Plates
Add Auras to Nameplates: NameplateAuras | NugPlateAuras
Add Class Colors to Nameplates: NameplateColors
Add Combat Text to Nameplates: Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text
Add Cooldowns to Nameplates: NameplateCooldowns
Add Quest Progress to Nameplates: QuestPlates
Add Target Indicator: Target Nameplate Indicator
Add Threat to Nameplates: Blizzard Nameplates - Threat


Character Notes | Notepad | Notes | Noteworthy | TinyPad


Combat Log: AutoCombatLogger
Lockouts: Am I Locked Out | Saved Instances
Loot Spec: Loot Spec Swapper
Mob Marking: DejaMark | FastMarks | RaidIconBar | Simple Raid Target Icons
Queue Status: DungeonStatus


Boss Mods Dungeon: LittleWigs | Wind Dungeon Helper
Boss Notes: QE Dungeon Tips
Mists of Tirna Scithe Helper: Maze Helper
Mythic: MDT Guide | iP Mythic Timer | My Dungeons Book | Mythic Dungeon Tools | Mythic Plus Calculator | MythicPlus Timer | NamePlateM+ | WarpDeplete


Boss Mods Raid: Big Wigs | Deadly Boss Mods
Practice: X Practice
Raid: Infinite Raid Tools | Lite Assist | Method Raid Tools | PhenomRaidTools | Raider.IO
Raid Leader: Angry Assignments | Astral Analytics | O Item Level oRA3 | PhoenixStyle | Raid Assist | Raid Attendance Tracker | Raid Command | RaidSlackCheck | RCLootCouncil | Transcriptor | Wagon Detector


DontCast | Spy | weizPVP
Mark Healers: Healers Have to Die
Track Debuffs: BigDebuffs
Track Enemy Cooldowns: NameplateCooldowns | OmniBar
Track Party Cooldowns: OmniCD


Ability Team Tracker | ArenaMarker | ArenaMaster PvP Inspect | GladiatorlosSA2 | GladiusEx | REFlex-Arena/Battleground Historian | sArena


Atlas Battlegrounds | Battleground Commander | BattleGroundEnemies | Capping Battleground Timers | Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | Incoming-BG | REFlex-Arena/Battleground Historian | REPorter-Battleground Map


Dugi Questing Essential | Quester
Add Quest Progress to Nameplates: QuestPlates
Dark Moon Faire: DMF Quest
Easier Quest Abandon: Reckless Abandon
Leveling Guides: Azeroth Pilot Reloaded | RestedXP Guide | Wow-Pro Guides
Objective Tracker: Kaliel's Tracker | MonkeyQuest | QuestTrackerMover | SorhaQuestLog | Syling Tracker
Quest Accept/Turnin Automation: Auto Quests | Auto TurnIn | QuickQuest | Turninator | Turn In
Quest Button/Macro: ExtraQuestButton | Spinx Daily Items
Quest Chain Progress/Completion Status: BtW Quests | CompletedTip | Quest Completist | Wholly & Grail
Quest Icons on Minimap: QuestPointer
Quest Log: Classic Quest Log | Collapse Quest Log
Quest Progress/Completion Chat Announcement: Quest Announce | Smart Quest
Quest Progress/Completion Sounds: Smart Quest
Replace Quest/Gossip NPC Interaction Frames: Immersion | Queso | Storyline
Waypoints Arrow: TomTom
World Quests: Angrier World Quests | Better World Quests | World Quest Tracker | World Quests List


Rare Alert | Rare Share | RareScanner | RareTracker | Rarity | SilverDragon | Tomcat's Tours


AltReps | ExaltedPlus | myReputation | RepByZone | Reputation Bars | Reputation Guide | Reputations | WonderRep | WorthIt - Guides | zifRep


GnomTEC Badge | MyRolePlay | Total RP 3 | XRP
Chat: Emote Splitter | Listener | Tongues


Assign Music to Events: Soundtrack
Chat Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer
Combat Sounds: Hear Kitty
Listen to and Play Music with Nearby Players: Musician
Mute: MuteSoundFile | Noiseless
Quest Progress/Completion Sounds: Smart Quest
Sound Browser: Leatrix Sounds

Talent Tree

Talent Tree Tweaks | Talent Tree Viewer


ManiaTip | TinyTooltip | TipTac Reborn
Add Diminishing Return Spell Category: Dr-Mouseover
Add Expansion Added: Expansion Reagents | ItemVersion
Add Gear Upgrade Progression Cost: AzerPUG's ToolTips | ItemUpgradeTip
Add Item ID's: idTip
Add Item Level for Items: Tooltip Item Level
Add Item Level and Spec for Players: Khes'yc iLvl
Add Mob Health/Mana Info: MobInfo2
Add Mount Information: Mount Tooltip
Add NPC Quest Information: SimpleObjectiveProgress
Add Profession Information: Profession Assistance | SmexyMats | Where to Gather
Add Vendor Price: Better Vendor Price | Vendor Price
Make Healthbar Class Color: HealthBarColor


Skillet | TradeSkillMaster | Train All
Archaeology: Minimal Archaeology
Enchanting: Disenchant Crafted Items | Disenchanter | Enchant Vellum
Fishing: Better Fishing | Fishing Buddy | MrFish
Gathering: GatherMate2
Leveling Guides: WorthIt - Guides
Milling/Prospecting/DisEnchanting: Breakables | Molinari | Profession Assistance | xanMortarPestle
Recipes: DoesMyAltKnowThat?


AppearanceTooltip | Better Wardrobe and Transmog | Caerdon Wardrobe | Can I Mog It? | Extended Transmog Sets | MogIt | mOnArsWardrobeHelper | Narcissus | TransmogCleanup
Auction: Collectionator

Unit Frames

Discord Unit Frames | DUnitFrames | Easy Frames | Perl Classic | Pitbull | RUF | Shadowed Unit Frames | Z-Perl Unit Frames
Add Class Icons: Classicons
Add Class Icons that Replace Portraits: EnhancedClassIconPortraits
Add Target Information: TargetPercent
Animate Portraits: Adapt
HUDs: DHUD | IceHUD | StatusBars2
Enhance Default Raid Frames: Advanced Raid Frame Settings | Bigger Buffs | Buff Overlay | Enhanced Raid Frames | KHMRaidFrames | Nioro | RaidFadeMore
Enhance Default Unit Frames: BiggerHealthBar | ClassColoredHealthBars | Elite Player Frame | FatalUnitFrames | FrameColor | HealthBarColor | Jax Classic Frames | Loot Spec Icon | Rare Dragon | UnitFramesImproved
Hide Class Power Bars on Default Unit Frames: BlizzHUD Helper
Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | AshToAsh | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | MacFrames | Plexus | VuhDo
Solo Raid Frame: Blizzard Raid Frames - Solo Frame
Sort Group Members: SortGroup
Sort Yourself to Top or Bottom: FrameSort


Compact Vendor & Compact Vendor Filter | Extended Vendor UI | Gnomish Vendor Shrinker | VendorBuy
Add Vendor Price to Tooltip: Better Vendor Price | Vendor Price
Auto Restock/Sell/Repair: MarcoPolo | Vendomatic
Auto Sell/Repair: Aardvark | Auto Seller | AutoProfitX | AutoRepair | AutoSellRepair | BagSaver | Crap Away! | Lemmo's Sell Greys | Peddler | Scrap | Sell Grey | SellJunk | Vendor
Bulk Buying: Bulk Buy | BuyEmAll
Color Known Recipes: Already Known?


Advanced XP Bar | Remaining XP | XPBarNone | XP MultiBar | Xparky