About Vranx

This is a World of Warcraft Addon recommendation site. It lists popular addons, addons I currently use, addons I thought others may like, tutorials, links to addon sites and general addon information. Addons are broken down into categories on the right side of the page. Authors are listed in red next to the addon name. I note if an addon requires Lua editing to set it up.


Update - Mar 21. 2014

Added - AdiButtonAuras, BAB Bars, Bigger Tradeskill UI, Glance Information Bar, NoTitle, PhanxBind, pNameplates, rClassBars, REPorter BG Map, rNamePlates2, rTooltip, TradeSkillInfo
Updated my UI page mods list and screenshots.

Update - Mar 7. 2014

I went through the links on the site and deleted mods that were no longer working with patch 5.4.2. I added a few compilations and separated the ElvUI and TukUI interfaces.

Having fun with Squidmod and nMainbar

The latest release of Squidmod has the WoW class graphics. I played around adding them to nMainbar. My favorites are the priest and paladin. Thanks to Ro and Bob for helping me with the code to load each class graphic automatically when I log into that class.

Choonster Addons

Choonster has been helping players in the WoW forums for a long time by coding what they need and posting it for them. The Choonster Addons Page has links which lead to code unless they go to WoWInterface. You will need to assemble the addons using the provided code.

Addon Memory Usage

Posted by Cogwheel, one of the authors of World of Warcraft Programming(First Edition):

Unless you are an addon developer, you generally don't need to concern yourself with addon memory usage. In and of itself, memory use says absolutely nothing about how an addon impacts WoW's performance. WoW itself uses an order of magnitude or more RAM than even the most memory-intensive UIs.

Data mods like Auctioneer will always show HUGE numbers compared to other addons but they don't do any processing whatsoever unless you're actively using them (scanning the AH). By the same token, many memory-efficient mods can use up an extraordinary amount of CPU time (damage/threat meters, for instance).

As a user, you should never judge an addon's worth by the amount of memory it uses.