Vranx UI

Shaman Heal Instance
Shaman Heal BG

Rogue BG
Bag and Data Broker Addons

Shaman Mods Marked
Rogue Mods Marked

The textures and borders are custom. The action bar end cap graphics are textures taken from SquidMod and manually coded into nMainbar. nMainbar, nMinimap, oUF_Neav, KuiNameplates and rChat have code edits to change some settings. I replaced all of the in game fonts using the method described on the font page. I'm using the Expressway Free font which is available here.
Vranx UI is NOT available as a compilation download!
I am happy to share how I created the UI but I will not upload it. I dont have the desire to properly maintain a compilation.


Action Bars

nMainbar - action bars with range coloring.

Addon Control

AddonLoader - delays loading addons so you get into the game world faster
Ampere - turn mods on/off while in game


!BeautyCase - border graphics for frames from Neav UI. I edited the default border to be darker.
SharedMedia - custom graphics, fonts. Edited to only contain the graphics|fonts I like.


Auctionator - auction mod
UnitPrice - breaks stack prices into unit prices in AH


AdiButtonAuras - shows buff/debuff colors on action buttons
Cork - reminder addon for buffs and various other items
rBuffFrameStyler - styles default buffs
rFilter3 - buff, debuff and cooldown filter mod


Cellular - keeps track of whispers you receive
ChatKeys - allows you to bind keys for chat channels
ChatSounds - custom sounds for channels
rChat - customizes chat abilities/appearance


OmniCC - cooldown counts in buttons

Frame Mods

Improved Options Frames - makes options frames movable and resizable

Friends/Ignore Mods

FriendsWithBenefits - sync friends lists between characters


ItemLevelDisplay - checks gear for levels, missing enchants/gems


VuhDo - powerful self contained click casting healing mod

Information Mods

ChocolateBar - Data Broker display which shows various LDB plugins
Data Broker Plugins:
Ara_Broker_Tradeskills - provides easy access to tradeskills & tracked CDs
Broker_Currency - currencies and gold totals for session / today / yesterday / this week / last week
Broker_Equipment - displays and lets you use the Equipment Manager much easier
iGear - shows your current equipment healthstate, repair costs and conflicts (e.g. missing gems)
iLocation - shows where you are with coords and recommended zones for your level
picoFriends - friends display, with a tooltip that shows detailed information about friends online
picoGuild - guild display, with a tooltip that shows detailed information about guildies online
Volumizer - Control panel for the various game sound volumes
Glyph Reporter - tooltip will show characters needing a hovered over glyph


AdiBags - all in one bag mod with auto sorting categories
BagSync - keeps track of inventory across characters


Butsu - Replacement for the default loot frame
teksLoot - Minimalistic group roll frames


BetterInbox - improves the inbox mail interface
BetterOutbox - improves the outbox mail interface


HandyNotes - notes for your map
Mapster - world map enhancer
nMinimap - custom minimap from Neav UI
TomTom - puts an arrow on your screen to a desired location


EnhancedStackSplit - Enhances the StackSplitFrame with numbered Buttons
MogIt - transmogrification addon which shows how items look
NoTitle - Prompts to remove the randomly set title from new characters
nPower - Shows mana, rage, combo points, from Neav UI
oGlow - adds colored quality borders to items in bags or on character pane
Simple Combo Points - simple combo point display
tekErr - shows Lua errors
yClassColors - Colorize player names by their class in friend list, who list, guild list, etc..


KuiNameplates - Prettier nameplates
rNamePlates2 - Simple nameplates


BattlegroundTargets - Simple Enemy Unit Frame for battlegrounds
Capping - BG timer mod with some other extra features


AutoEquipQuestItem - puts a button on the quest completion screen that will equip the reward
Jobs'a'Goodin - plays sounds for quest objectives or completion
LightHeaded - in game Wowhead quest notes
Monomyth - quest automization add-on
Quel'evel - puts quest levels in log, tracker and links


SimplePowerBar - replaces the default Blizzard Alternate Power Bar


Mute Annoying WoW Sounds - silences annoying sounds - chopper, copter, train, etc...


rTooltip - Lightweight tooltip replacement
tekKompare - simple item compare tooltips


BiggerTradeskillUI - Makes the tradeskill frame show more recipes and moveable
GatherMate2 (Mining/Herbalism) - node tracking addon
GatherSageCT - shows required mining/herbing levels when mousing over nodes/herbs on minimap
Molinari (Enchanting) - quick disenchant/milling/prospecting mod
TradeSkillInfo - information about tradeskills, including the ones that your character cannot craft
TradeTabs - adds spellbook-like tabs to the TradeSkillFrame for each of your professions
TrainAll - Adds a Train All button to tradeskill trainers that allows you to learn all available skills
Velluminous (Enchanting) - lets you directly enchant to a vellum

Unit Frames

oUF - unit frame framework
oUF_Neav - oUF layout, customized to make the frame darker and changed textures


GnomishVendorShrinker - improved vendor interface

Vranx Custom Mods

As I find simple mods I like, I take the code and add it to a single settings mod.
AcceptInvites -- Accept party invites from friends and guild members
-- green items automatically rolled "greed" in groups and raids
AutoRepair -- Auto repair all equipment upon visiting vendor + print repair cost info
Screenshot Quality - sets screenshot to highest
SellGreyCrap -- Sell all grey items to vendor automatically
Slash Commands -- Adds /rl to reload the ui, /rc for ready check
ZoomOut - allows you to zoom out farther