Arena Mods


Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon.

Battleground Mods


Battleground timer and coordination mod. Features: Auto release; Mini Map tooltip colorizing with class and race (if you have some tracking ability); Resource tracking. Nodes or bases status is shown in a compact frame. Clicking on a base name will: Left-Click: says "Help needed at <base name>", Middle-Click: says "<base name> now safe", Right-Click: says "Massive inc to <base name>"; Shift-Left-Click: says "On my way to <base name>.Hold on".


Shows all battleground enemies. Simple 'Enemy Unit Frame' for battlegrounds.
Review: WoW Insider


Capping is a battleground timer mod with some extras. Current Features: All battlegrounds/arenas have start timers. Arathi Basin: Node timers/Final score estimation. Alterac Valley: Node timers/Auto quest turnins/Request sync from others with Capping. Eye of the Storm: Flag respawn timer/Flag carrier display/Final score estimation. WSG: Flag respawn timer/Flag carrier display with health percent. Battleground minimap: Rescale/Narrow mode to remove unnecessary map areas and save space/Hide border. Other: Port expiration timers/Queue wait timers/Scoreboard repositioning/Capture bar repositioning.
Config: /capping

Misc PvP Mods


Diminishing Returns (DR) helps tracking your teammate and own diminishing returns on hostile players by attaching icons to unit frames.


Puts a big red cross over opposing players who are healers and rings when you hover or target a unit of the opposite faction who healed someone else during the last 60 seconds (can be configured).
Review: WoW Insider

Vanas KoS

Vanas KoS is a Kill-on-Sight notifier, that uses every possibility, to detect nearby KoS targets, and notifies the user in different ways. Additionally it records PvP-Stats in outdoor PvP and shows these in the tooltip (configurable).