Addon Control

ACP 6.0.2

Allows players to turn on/off mods and reload their ui in game instead of needing to log out. Also lets players make sets of mods.
Review: WoW Insider

Addon Loader 6.0.2

AddonLoader is an addon that loads other addons automatically, as and when they are needed, which speeds up the logon process. Note that addons need to be aware of AddonLoader for this to work; if you see "X-LoadOn-..." tags in their .toc files, they are!


A small addon designed to mirror the functionality of the login screen "Addons" button in-game. It's designed to fit inside the config GUI introduced in patch 2.4. Amp lets you quickly enable and disable addons, reload the UI, and load LoadOnDemand addons.
WoWInterface, Curse, github

Reflux 6.0.2

Reflux is a small lightweight profile manager. With the coming of dual specs, and people building ui compilations. I built this little manager. Its goal it to allow you to easily switch all your addon profiles in one fair swoop. For Addons that don't support profiles it emulates a profile. All emulations are done by the user and none come pre configured out of the box. The user chooses if he/she wishes to emulate a profile for any addon. Emulation is not needed for any addon that uses Ace2/3DB as profiles are built in.


BindPad 6.0.2

Lets you bind spells, macros and items to key bindings without using action buttons.
Config: /bindpad or /bp
WoWInterface, Curse

PhanxBind 6.0.2

Direct key bindings for your spells and macros. Unlike some similar addons, it does not provide a special, separate UI for setting bindings. All bindings are done right in your spellbook or macro UI..
WoWInterface, Curse


BugSack 6.0.2

BugSack eases the process of capturing bugs. It captures information about Lua errors that occurred during your play session. It aims to be invaluable to developers, and a useful tool for players that use beta-quality addons. BugSack includes a FuBar plugin that displays the last 5 errors in the tooltip. It can also bring up a frame to display all other errors for the current session, or for any other session. The text of the error can then be copied & pasted to a source outside of WoW (for example the forums) so that other developers can determine what's at fault.


tekErr is a simple lua error manager. When an error is caught it will blink a small minimap icon to inform you. Clicking the icon opens a panel listing all errors. Clicking an error shows a full stack trace, handy to copy/paste into a bug report.


Group Calendar 5 6.0.2

Group Calendar 5 features: Compatible with the built-in calendar and web-based armory calendars; View and edit events using local or server dates and times; Track tradeskill cooldowns; Create partnerships for coordinating events across multiple guilds; Reminders for upcoming events and tradeskill cooldowns; View events and get reminders while on your alts; Easy invite management to track group composition; Quickly invite players to the raid from the attendance list; Export your calendar to the iCalendar format for use in external applications or web calendars; Set level limits and duration for events; Analog clock with date on the minimap button for attractive timekeeping.
WoWInterface, Curse


Diplomancer 6.0.2

Automagically watches factions based on your location.
WoWInterface, Curse


Displays how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level in your reputation window. In addition, it extends the reputation detail window by showing how many points you need for your next reputation level and how you can best gain this reputation. It also shows how much reputation you can gain by handing in completed repeatable/daily quests and gathering quests.


Flight Map Enhanced 6.0.2

This addon adds all flight locations as a list next to the Flight Map categorized by zones and sorted alphabetical. You can collapse a zone to not show the flight locations of that zone in the list. Additionally you can choose to always collapse all zones whenever the flight map is opened, this will reset any individuell collapse/expand settings you made before. Options are saved per character.


Simple flight timer mod. Auto-dismount, Takeoff confirmation, Automatically take a map note for flight master locations (requires Cartographer), Support for Druid-only and Plaguewood Tower flight paths.
WoWInterface, Curse



FriendsWithBenefits automatically keeps your friend list in sync across alts and adds alts to your friend list for easy mailing.
WoWInterface, Curse, github


Adds a visual status indicator (available, away, dnd) for online guild members to all the guild roster views. Shows guild member mouse-over tooltip. including: Class icon and name; Public note; Officer note (if permitted to view); Alt/Main names if LibAlts-1.0 is present.

GuildRosterButtons 6.0.2

Replaces the "two click" guild roster drop down menu with "one click" buttons.


With the Guild UI overhaul in Cataclysm, the Guild tab is no longer part of the social window. This means two different keybinds, two different buttons in the UI, two different windows to keep track of both your guild and your friends. The social button that was in the micro menu on the action bar now opens the Guild UI, and the button that came with RealID next to your chat frame opens the social frame. It came up in our beta guild chat that this disconnect could be remedied by an addon, and KeepingTabs was born. Now, you only need to remember one keybind. You only need one window open on screen. And you can hide one or both of the on screen buttons. KeepingTabs will create two side tabs for the social/guild frames, allowing you to swap between them.


Colorize player names by their class in friend list, who list, guild list, etc..
WoWInterface, Curse

Role Play

flagRSP MoP

flagRSP Cataclysm is an add-on that allows you to set a title, first name, and last name as well as setting a character status and a roleplaying flag. Other users of this add-on or a compatible one (flagRSP2, ImmersionRP) will be able to see these flags and you will be able to see theirs. This is mainly useful for RP servers, but there's nothing preventing you from using this on servers of other types. Feel free to report any bugs or request features here.
WoWInterface, Curse

MyRolePlay 6.0.2

MyRolePlay is a roleplaying addon for World of Warcraft. It lets you make a roleplaying "profile" about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible addons, where applicable) can see in the tooltip, and in a more detailed window.
WoWInterface, Curse


Advanced Icon Selector

AdvancedIconSelector is a complete replacement for the standard Blizzard macro / equipment set icon selector. It has a built-in search feature and an optional keywords library to make finding the right icon for your new macro or equipment set as easy as conjured mana pie!
Review: WoW Insider
Video: YouTube


Very simple and light addon that creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI. Align is totally resolution independent, and will create even grids no matter how you play.
Review: WoW Insider
Similar Mods: GuideLines, UI Setup Helper

Class Colors

Change class colors without breaking the Blizzard UI.
Config: /classcolors
WoWInterface, Curse

ColorPickerPlus 6.0.2

ColorPickerPlus hooks into the standard Color Picker to provide: text entry for colors (RGB and hex values), text entry for the alpha value (transparency/opacity), copy and paste of a single color, a movable frame, a color swatch for the color that you will be replacing, a color swatch for the copied color that may be pasted. With these enhancements, you can precisely describe a color and coordinate colors within and between add-ons.
WoWInterface, Curse


Enhances the StackSplitFrame with numbered Buttons, a '1-Click Mode' and a 'Auto Split Mode'.

Leatrix Latency Fix 6.0.2

Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a script which will modify TCPAckFrequency. You will see reduced latency in many online games including World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Leatrix Plus 6.0.2

A collection of fixes for the little things in Wow which I think are missing from the Wow UI. Block duels, Block guild petitions, Block party invites, Prevent bag automation when using vendors and mailboxes, Show a gold elite chain around your player portrait, Automatically accept resurrection attempts, Hide the target and focus target minimap blips, Hide the death effect (grey glow), Hide the netherworld effect (such as Invisibility), Remove the full-screen glow (handy for hiding the drunken haze effect), Hide zone text (such as 'Ironforge'), Hide subzone text (such as 'Mystic Quarter'), Hide duel messages in chat (unless the duel is yours), Hide dual-spec spam when you switch specs, Use classic enter key functionality in the chat window, Hide errors in the error frame (eg. 'Not enough rage'), Hide information messages in the error frame (eg. quest updates), Resize quest log detail text, Show your random dungeon cooldown, Hide the "Choose your role" window in the Dungeon Finder.


Automatically takes screenshots of memorable events in your World of Warcraft career including: level-ups and guild level-ups; achievements and guild achievements; reputation changes; trade window transactions; any rare/rare-elite mob kills; boss killshots in dungeons and raids.
WoWInterface, Curse

NoTitle 6.0.2

Prompts to remove any character’s title when you log in if it isn't the one you’d last manually set for yourself. This is almost always a new character displaying one of your titles at random but it seems that characters that haven’t been logged into in a while sometims get random titles set for them, too.

NPCScan 6.0.2

Tracks seldom-seen rare mobs by proximity alone, making the old “/targetexact …” macros obsolete. It has the same range as those targeting macros, but you won't have to mash any buttons. Just go about your business and let _NPCScan alert you when it finds something.

SilverDragon 6.0.2

SilverDragon tracks rares. It'll remember where you last saw a rare mob, and will pop up a notification message when you get near one. It comes with a list of rares. Type "/silverdragon" to bring up the options, and use the "Import Data" button to bring 'em in. If you have nameplates enabled it'll scan through them to find rares nearby. Otherwise it requires you to mouseover/target a rare, or for your party member/pets to do likewise. When a rare appears, SilverDragon will pop up a frame that you can click on to target it. SilverDragon can also create a macro to target any rares that are known in the current zone.
Review: WoW Insider

Spade 6.0.2

Spade makes it easier to manage your farm at the Sunsong Ranch:
Right-clicking on a Tilled Soil patch will display an OPie ring* containing all your seeds, making planting things a breeze.
Right-clicking on Parched or Infested crops will automatically use the watering can or bug sprayer if you have those in your bags.
ALT-Right-clicking on Growing crops will remove them from your farm if you carry a shovel in your bags.
ALT-Right-clicking on Untilled Soil will use the Master Plow, if it is present in your bags, to till the entire row.
Type /spade to view a list of plants growing on your characters' farms. When you log in, Spade will tell if there are plants ready for harvest (/spade mute if you would prefer not to know).


A simple durability frame which adds a percent to the equipment icons in the char panel. Also provided is a LibDataBroker datafeed for the overall average durability, with item details in the tooltip.
WoWInterface, Curse, github

TinyPad 6.0.2

TinyPad is a notepad mod with link support.
Plugins: Broker Tinypad
Similar Addons: Simply Notes


WoWVid lets the user create a viewport (in reality a specifically colored texture) that allows them to watch videos in overlay mode while in the game.
WoWInterface, Curse