Miscellaneous Addons


Allows players to turn on/off mods and reload their ui in game instead of needing to log out. Also lets players make sets of mods.


Very simple and light addon that creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI. Align is totally resolution independent, and will create even grids no matter how you play.


BugSack eases the process of capturing bugs. It captures information about Lua errors that occurred during your play session. It aims to be invaluable to developers, and a useful tool for players that use beta-quality addons. BugSack includes a FuBar plugin that displays the last 5 errors in the tooltip. It can also bring up a frame to display all other errors for the current session, or for any other session. The text of the error can then be copied & pasted to a source outside of WoW (for example the forums) so that other developers can determine what's at fault.


Automatically and immediately cancels all in-game cinematics and movies. CinematicCanceler ensures you are never stuck on a cinematic screen while important group events are taking place. In some cases can even prevent cinematic-related client crashes and freezes. Will print a message to chat when a cinematic is suppressed. You can hold any modifier key (shift, control, alt) when a cinematic is starting to allow it to play.

Class Colors

Change class colors without breaking the Blizzard UI.
Config: /classcolors
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ColorPickerPlus hooks into the standard Color Picker to provide: text entry for colors (RGB and hex values), text entry for the alpha value (transparency/opacity), copy and paste of a single color, a movable frame, a color swatch for the color that you will be replacing, a color swatch for the copied color that may be pasted. With these enhancements, you can precisely describe a color and coordinate colors within and between add-ons.
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_Cursor adds detailed, customizable cursor trails to your UI. If you've ever lost track of your mouse in a hectic battle, or if you're looking to put the finishing touches on your stylized UI, look no further. _Cursor uses World of Warcraft's built-in spell effects to offer a variety of preset cursor looks while leaving your system's resources free for more important things.

Flash Taskbar

This addon makes the wow icon on windows task bar flash/blink when WoW window ins't in focus (the window is minimized or you have another window in focus such like internet browser) and some events happen in the game.
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Leatrix Latency Fix

Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a script which will modify TCPAckFrequency. You will see reduced latency in many online games including World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Leatrix Plus

A collection of fixes for the little things in Wow which I think are missing from the Wow UI. Block duels, Block guild petitions, Block party invites, Prevent bag automation when using vendors and mailboxes, Show a gold elite chain around your player portrait, Automatically accept resurrection attempts, Hide the target and focus target minimap blips, Hide the death effect (grey glow), Hide the netherworld effect (such as Invisibility), Remove the full-screen glow (handy for hiding the drunken haze effect), Hide zone text (such as 'Ironforge'), Hide subzone text (such as 'Mystic Quarter'), Hide duel messages in chat (unless the duel is yours), Hide dual-spec spam when you switch specs, Use classic enter key functionality in the chat window, Hide errors in the error frame (eg. 'Not enough rage'), Hide information messages in the error frame (eg. quest updates), Resize quest log detail text, Show your random dungeon cooldown, Hide the "Choose your role" window in the Dungeon Finder.


Prompts to remove any character’s title when you log in if it isn't the one you’d last manually set for yourself. This is almost always a new character displaying one of your titles at random but it seems that characters that haven’t been logged into in a while sometims get random titles set for them, too.


A simple durability frame which adds a percent to the equipment icons in the char panel. Also provided is a LibDataBroker datafeed for the overall average durability, with item details in the tooltip.
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TinyPad is a notepad mod with link support. Plugins: Broker Tinypad
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