Mail Addons

Bulk Mail

Bulk mail sending made really easy. Bulk Mail also offers the unique ability to automatically send emails based on rules you configure. This is very useful and powerful if you have bank alts that for specific resources. With a few clicks you can now send all collected items to the right alt simply by opening the send mail page.

Classic Auto Complete

Restores the classic auto complete functionality of the send mail frame and adds your alts to the list used for auto completion.

Favorite Contacts

Favorite Contacts is a simple addon that adds buttons to mailbox for easy access to your favorite contacts. If a favorite contact button gets clicked, the recipient of the new mail is set to the favorite contact name.


A simple, scrolling inbox.

Inbox Mailbag

Inbox Mailbag lets you treat your inbox as yet another bag that you can take things from. It will collate items into singular stacks and supports search hilighting to help you find specific items within your inbox.


MailNotifier is a small addon that has two purposes: tracking how many unread mails the player has in the inbox and alerting him when new mail is received (plays a sound and flashes the minimap mail button).


MailTips shows you what is attached to a mail without having to open the message by hovering over a message in your mailbox. When there are stacks of items attached to a mail the tooltip will only show the total of each item attached, so 2 stacks of 20 Linen Cloth will be displayed in the tooltip as 40 Linen Cloth attached to the mail.


Picks up all items and gold from your inbox.


Mail mod that allows quick bulk mailing by filling in the recipient name in the mail frame then alt-clicking items in your bags to send the item. Shift click mail items to collect them directly into your bags. Also allows the user to open all items, or return checked items. | JuniorDeBoss Youtube Review