Looting Mods

Move Roll Frame

To move the default game group roll frame try LootRollMover.


Replacement for the default loot frame. It supports showing more than four items, and has a slick look. It doesn't have any settings, except the that it obeys the "Open loot frame at mouse".


When using master looter in a raid if someone wins a loot item, they get a count of -1. If they have the highest roll for another item, but another player who is still on a count of 0 has the next highest roll, the 0 player wins the item and then goes on -1 - and so on.


An addon to make the LootFrame and GroupLootFrames more lovely to look at and work with. Features: skins the LootFrame and GroupLootFrames' background and border, changes the statusbar texture for the timer in the GroupLootFrames, uses LibSharedMedia, streamlines the loot icons by removing the rounded, default border, optional support for rActionButtonStyler for loot item icons, added 3D model of the target you are looting to the LootFrame (shows quest/loot sparklies if no target), allows the GroupLootFrames to be moved, saves location of LootFrame and GroupLootFrames between sessions, streamlines GroupLootFrames by rearranging objects in the frame to save vertical space.


Very simple addon that reduces loot spam by replacing how messages are shown with a more minimalistic fashion.
Curse, WoWInterface


Minimalistic group roll frames. To move the loot frame type /teksloot.
Config: /teksloot
WoWInterface, github


A remake of the built-in lootframe.
Review: WoW Insider

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