Frame Mods

BlizzMove yess

Simple addon that makes the Blizzard windows movable. To move a window just click title of the window and drag it to where you want it. You can also use control+scroll wheel over the title of a window to adjust the scale. The positions and scale will be saved only for the full screen windows such as the achievement window.

FluidFrames Dridzt

Move, hide, scale, and resize frames with independent x&y axes.

HideBlizzard Gendr

HideBlizzard will hide parts of the following frames:
Action Bar, Buttons, Pet, Player, Special Frames, Target.
Curse, WoWInterface

HideRaidFrame Ketho

Hides Blizzard's raid frames.

Improved Options Frames Cybelorus

Allows you to move and scale all of the Blizzard options panels. Scales will be stored between sessions.

MoveAnything Wagthaa

Lets you move, scale, and hide anything.

SmartFrameMover Aeldra

Displays a movable frame to overwrite the default frame position of various frames. For example: Vehicle seat indicator frame, Boss target frames, Minimap, Quest Watch, Raid Mechanic, Durability Doll, many more.
WoWInterface, Curse