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Wow Hacks and Bugs
« on: Jul 19 2005, 12:57 PM »
This was taken from Wow.com forums.

.. from someone following this for a few days now. I've been telling everyone on my server about the lvl 30s zoning in and out of Maraudon that never log out. About how it's most likely that they are duplicating items. Interesting facts:

> On very many, possibly all servers, level 30 chars, and lvl 60 chars, have been zoning in and out of Maraudon orange non-stop for days. Clearly, they are up to no good. They do not respond, are ungrouped, and if they are guilded it is in a guild with shady reputations.

> Maraudon is bugged right now. That makes it a nice target.

> There seems to be a dupe involving the rollback that occurs when you attempt to zone into an instance after a crash of the world server.

> Maraudon crashes a lot, and on our server, everything else has been crashing a lot too. Molten Core has crashed 8/9 nights. This started before the patch. All instances are crashing quite a bit, with weird things happening, like people getting ported out, ppl landing in instances with no mobs, ppl seeing duplicate mobs such as onyxia and lucifron.

> Crazy reports from servers. These include 10 Krol blades in auction house from same seller. People literally giving away gold, a likely measure to smear the trail and make the dirty gold impossible to trace / remove. Someone buying up EVERY ITEM IN AUCTION HOUSE WITH A BUYOUT and relisting at huge prices.

> From one I've been able to dig up, it's working for gold and items. The person with 10 krol blades up at once either doesn't care and just thinks it's funny, or is dumb. The vast majority of these chars are probably just creating ABSURD amounts of gold.

> This has been going on non-stop, unchecked, for quite awhile, I believe before patch 1.6. But, the cat is fully out of the bag now.

> The amount of gold/items that has been duped by now is likely astounding.

> Blizz has been totally silent here. We are all just waiting now. Something has to be done.

Sucks..wonder if people are doing this on our server?


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Wow Hacks and Bugs
« Reply #1 on: Jul 19 2005, 07:11 PM »
Yeah, something have to be done

Those who are making all that money should share with me...