Cooldown Mods

CoolLine totalpackage

CoolLine is a spell/item cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready. No statusbar timer and no text timer. CoolLine is inspired by Forte_Cooldown (a module in the ForteXorcist package). CoolLine is basically a stripped down and standalone version written from scratch. The name comes from putting "cooldown" and "timeline" together (yes, lame).
Config: /coolline
WoWInterface, Curse

DoomCooldownPulse Freki

Ever wanted to know when a certain ability will come off cooldown, but you're too caught up in a fight to notice? Doom_CooldownPulse is designed to fix that problem! It flashes the icon of the ability in the middle of your screen whenever it becomes usable again.
Config: /dcp
WoWIinterface, Curse

NugRunning d87

Tracker for DoTs, HoTs, Cooldowns and other auras for all classes.
Config desired spells with trackings.lua
Config: Lua
WoWInterface, Curse

OmniCC Tuller

Addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they'll be ready for use. OmniCC should be compatible with any addon that uses a cooldown model.
Config: /occ or /omnicc
WoWInterface, Curse
Tutorial: tullamods
Review: WoW Insider

rFilter3 zork

Lets you track/filter buffs, debuffs and cooldowns. This mod requires Lua code editing to set up the spells to track and their location on the screen.
Config: Lua

TellMeWhen orbenn, Cybeloras, lieandswell, Ooze

Provides a flexible system of icons for displaying vital information about cooldowns, buffs, debuffs, and reactive abilities... always in a consistent place on your screen. You choose which spells, abilities, items, buffs, and debuffs TellMeWhen shows. The number, size, and position of icons are all customizable. Cooldown icons can be shown when an ability/item is either usable or is unusable. Buff/debuff icons can be shown when the buff/debuff is either present or is absent. Icons can be set to only show in combat.
Curse, WoWInterface
Review: WoW Insider

tullaCC Tuller

Minimal addon for displaying cooldown text on action buttons, inventory items, etc. A lite version of OmniCC.
WoWInterface, Curse