Choonster Addons

Action Bars

Bartender4 Toggle (40300) - Toggles Bartender bars
Macro Help - macro code that makes an invisible action button that calls a macro each time it's clicked.
Random Buttons (50001) - Allows you to cast random spells by their spellID using /click buttonName
ScrollingCooldowns - SWTOR style GCD animation for buttons


AuctionFilterPlus IgnoreList (40300) - Adds an ignore list to AFP's filtering system.


FOTD_Message (50001) - Says something in chat when you gain the FOTD buff
No Target Debuffs (40300) - Removes the debuffs of your target from the target frame
SAED-Fixer (40300) - always show enemy debuffs


BadBoy_levels Counter (40300) - Keeps count of the number of whispers blocked by BadBoy_Levels
Group Chat (50100) - Provides the /group and /gr slash commands to speak to your current group's widest chat and the /groupsay and /grs commands to speak in the appropriate group chat or /say when not in a group.
RageQuit (40300) - Allows you to show/hide guild chat by clicking a button or receiving a special whisper from a guild officer
Random Chat (50001) - Sends random messages from a predefined list to any chat type
ReadIt (40300) - Stops messages from being seen more than once per session
ServerIgnore at WoWInterface ( 50001) - Allows you to ignore all chat messages from certain servers
TradeSpam (40300) - Allows you to schedule repeating messages to chat channels
WhisperColours (40300) - Allows you to assign different colours to ingoing and outgoing whispers
WhisperFriends (40300) - Blocks whispers from people not on your friends list or in your guild
WhisperWindows (40300) - Moves whispers/conversations to their own window

Class Specific

Totem Toggler (50001) - Allows you to toggle totems using /click TotemNameTT in macros


InterruptTimers (50100) -Shows a DBM timer of Blizzard's stopwatch when you interrupt a spell
MageWarder (40300) - Plays a raid warning whenever you take Arcane, Fire or Frost damage with your Mage Ward not on cooldown
NoCombatTooltip (50100) - Hides the GameTooltip in combat
SpellPanels (50100) - shows kgPanels (or other frames) when you cast spells
StrafeOrSpell (40300) - Provides two bindable buttons that strafe left/right in combat or cast the desired spells out of combat

Frame Mods

Combat Positions (50001) - Moves secure frames to different positions in and out of combat
Toggler (40300) - Allows you to toggle the visiblity of various UI elements when the UI is hidden
VTK Hider (40300) - Hides the VTK popup

Friends/Ignore Mods

FriendNotesRecorder (50001) - Records your friend notes


AltItemLevel (40300) - Displays the average item level of your current character and of your alts on the same realm


AutoConfirmLootRoll (50001) - Automatically confirms selected loot rolls
LootPrice at WoWInterface - records how many of an item you loot and displays the total value based on a price you set


NoMoreMailNames (40300) - Disables auto-completion of names in the Send Mail window


DayNight (40300) - Shows the old day/night indicator on the minimap calendar button


BetterPlayerDropdown (40300) - Rearranges the dropdown menu for player units
BrainDamage (40300) - Keeps track of scores based on custom rules, allowing you to run drinking games
CityDismiss (40300) - Dismisses your pet in friendly cities
ClockOptions (40300) - Creates an options menu for Telo's Clock AddOn
GuildAlert (40300) - Shows an alert when a guild member logs in
GuildRepPromotions Script - check a player reputation with my guild and automatically promote'em based on that
MoP Pet Spec Macros (50001) - Automatically edits macros with your pet's specialization skills
MovePad Loader (40300) - Loads Blizzard's MovePad AddOn every time you log in or reload your UI
No More Spit (50100) - Removes all /spit emotes from your chat
Poker (40300) - Send fake raid warnings to other users
PlayTimer (50001) - Removes you from the game after a certain amount of time has passed
SAO per character (40200) - Allows you to enable/disable Blizzard's Spell Activation Overlays independently for each character
SendGold (40300) - Tells you how much gold to send if you want a certain amount left over
SpellID Buttons (50001) - Allows you to cast spells by their spellID
SpellStopTargeting Button (50001) - cancels the "blue hand" cursor when you use "/click SpellStopTargetingButton" in a macro
TradeMoney (40200) - Tells you how much gold you received from a trade


TargetNameplateIndicator | WoWInterface - (5.0.4) - Puts a texture on your target's nameplate to make them stand out


ConfirmLeavePvP (50001) - Asks for confirmation before leaving a battleground or arena
DwarfHunter (40300) - Announces when a specified race/class combination is found in your battleground
kgPanels PvP - kgpanels scripts
Score Screenshot (40300) - Takes a screenshot of the score frame at the end of BGs and arenas
TargetRole (40300) - Shows your target's role and spec in bg's and arenas


PartnerXP at WoWInterface (40200) - tracks the XP and level of other players (e.g. your levelling partner) and displays this as text in the main window


Filterer (40300) - Consolidates raid join messages and automatically declines shared quests that you don't want
LFG Queue Confirm (40300) - Shows a confirmation popup before leaving the LFD/LFR queue when you click the Find Group button
RaidTarget (50100) - Allows you to press a key to select a raid group then press another key to target a specific member of that group
World Markers (40300) - Allows keybinding of the world markers


CharacterSoundSettings (50001) - Saves audio settings on a per-character basis
ChoonMusic (40200) - Allows you to easily play various pieces of music
Custom Combat Sounds on WoWInterface (50001) - plays sounds on various combat events
DanceMusic (40300) - Plays a song when you /dance
Deathspeaker (40200) - Says a message when your target dies
EmoteSounds (40300) - Plays sounds on certain chat messages
GunPing (40200) - Plays a "ping" sound after a specified number of ranged shots to emulate a real gun running out of ammunition.
Loudshift (40300) - Says a random message when shifting to a new Druid form
MissMessage (40300) - Says a message when your spells miss
MountWhisperer (40300) - Say a phrase when you summon/dismiss mounts
Pet Battle Music at WoWInterface (50100) - plays custom music (like Pokemon music) during pet battles
Playlists (40300) - Loops playlists of sound files
Roarrior | WoWInterface - warrior roars when using certain ablities
SlamCrit (40300) - Plays a sound file when Slam critically hits
SongMaster (40200) - Allows you to macro lyrics from songs.
SoundLoop (40300) - Loops random sounds
StealthMusic - code to play music when stealthed
YoggSounds (40300) - Plays Yogg-Saron sound files when you use the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron


BuyList (40300) - Automatically responds to whispers starting with "buylist" or "!buylist" with a specified response
GM2_SilithystTracker (40300) - Adds support for Silithyst Geysers to GatherMate2. Also creates a TomTom waypoint to your faction's dust turn-in if TomTom is installed
HatSwap (40200) - auto equip chefs hat on opening cooking window
ProspectButton (40300) - Creates a button that prospects ore in your backpack
TailorButton (40300) - Creates an invisible action button that runs a tailoring macro when clicked

Unit Frames

HealthPercent (40300) - Shows percentages on the player and target health bars
PartyPercent (40200) - Shows percentages on the party member health bars
PlayerPercent (40200) - Shows percentages on the player health bar




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