Calendar Mods

CalendarExtras wT-

CalendarExtras adds some features to hopefully make the ingame calendar a bit more bearable to use. Features: Sorting by role, Extra status indicators, Export invitees, Mass-select, Invite-raid.

CalendarInviter eviloz

A panel that opens near the blizz calendar event panel that gives you more information about the players. Before forming a raid, you can know: who is online and who is not, who is on an alt, role of each invited player, how many you have for each role for the selected raid size, who is already in your raid, history of signups, who is signed up but has a low rank so doesnt have spot granted, who signed in the last X minutes. Supports both invite-events and guild-wide-events. If you are not the event owner the apply button has no effect but you can still invite ppl.

Group Calendar 5 Mundocani

Group Calendar 5 features: Compatible with the built-in calendar and web-based armory calendars; View and edit events using local or server dates and times; Track tradeskill cooldowns; Create partnerships for coordinating events across multiple guilds; Reminders for upcoming events and tradeskill cooldowns; View events and get reminders while on your alts; Easy invite management to track group composition; Quickly invite players to the raid from the attendance list; Export your calendar to the iCalendar format for use in external applications or web calendars; Set level limits and duration for events; Analog clock with date on the minimap button for attractive timekeeping.
WoWInterface, Curse