Art Mods

!Beautycase Neal

This is a small addon for add fast and efficiently smooth borders to your frames! You dont need to create a texture for all of your frames annymore. Just this little addon and some code.
The benefit? The border remains the same, even if the window's size changes. It always looks like it should.
Config: Lua

Aurora Haleth

Addon which reskins the default Blizzard frames to a smooth, minimalistic theme.

kgPanels kagaro, Stanzilla

Create and modify panels and art. Allows you to put colored panels behind UI items.
Help: Wiki, WoW Insider Tutorial - Creating a Bottom Box

Masque StormFX, jjsheets

Masque (Formerly ButtonFacade) is a dynamic button skinning add-on.
Skins/Plugins Masque: Curse, WoWInterface

rActionButtonStyler zork

Small mod that edits the textures of the default ActionButtonTemplate. Also adds range and mana coloring.
Config: Lua
Styles: WoWInterface

SharedMedia Elkano, Seerah

Inserts media(textures, bars, borders, etc) into LibSharedMedia's storage. They can then be selected by any addon that supports LibSharedMedia, a lot of them do.
Dajova Shared Media
Grizzly Shared Media
Ohi's Texture pack for Shared Media
Renaitre Shared Media

Skinner Jncl

Changes the default Blizzard WoW skin on many UI items.
Config: /skinner menu
Review: WoW Insider

SquidMod Imithat

Sick of the griffons on the sides of the main menu bar? Wouldn't you rather have a cool looking octopus, murloc, demon or angel in it's place instead?
Config: /squid

Sunn Viewport Sunn

Allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.
Config: /sunnart or /sunn or /sa
Art Packs: WoWInterface, Curse


Ferous Media Pack Ferous

A collection of Textures made from scratch. Alot of it is inspired by alot of Authors, including Delsim, Ishtara, Duke, Amenity, Freebaser, Halcyone, Dawn, and pHishr for the idea!

GiganticTexture Pack Elloria

This is a collection of the art i have collected over the past 2 years. I give full credit to the original authors. All of these images are World of warcraft ready.

Icon Replacements

These files replace the default game icons to change the look without using a mod.
Clean Icons suicidalkatt
Clean Icons Crisp suicidalkatt
Clean Icons - Square suicidalkatt
Clean Icons - Thin suicidalkatt
MiirGui Icon Pack Blue Miiru
MiirGui Icon Pack Grey Miiru

MiirGui Texture Packs Neza

Replaces the default World of Warcraft skin of your user interface with a clean smooth theme. It covers nearly every frame in the game. Best-looking with a ui scale that allows pixel perfect frames.
WoWInterface - blue
WoWInterface - grey

Modular Texture Packages Landrell

Textures to use with mods like KGPanels.
Neutrino Modular Texture Package
Red Alert Modular Texture Package
STeam Pixel Modular Texture Package
Tron Tribute MTP

pHishr's Media Pack pHishr

A collection of my buttonskins, statusbars and borders.

rUF disiz

Reworked .blps to get a black border on Blizz_UFs.

Shiningmind's Artwork Pack Shiningmind

A compilation of artwork for KGPanels.

Steampunk Textures Elloria

Just some steampunkish type art i found via google searches. I cleaned them up and did some editing of my own to make them wow ready.If I can get some more Ideas i will add more.