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Automatically takes screenshots of memorable events in your World of Warcraft career including: level-ups and guild level-ups; achievements and guild achievements; reputation changes; trade window transactions; any rare/rare-elite mob kills; boss killshots in dungeons and raids.
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Tracks seldom-seen rare mobs by proximity alone, making the old “/targetexact …” macros obsolete. It has the same range as those targeting macros, but you won't have to mash any buttons. Just go about your business and let _NPCScan alert you when it finds something.


NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features.


Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.
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Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track has failed or when all criteria of the achievement have been completed and you need to kill boss. Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target a boss. Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Shows tactics.
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SilverDragon tracks rares. It'll remember where you last saw a rare mob, and will pop up a notification message when you get near one. It comes with a list of rares. Type "/silverdragon" to bring up the options, and use the "Import Data" button to bring 'em in. If you have nameplates enabled it'll scan through them to find rares nearby. Otherwise it requires you to mouseover/target a rare, or for your party member/pets to do likewise. When a rare appears, SilverDragon will pop up a frame that you can click on to target it. SilverDragon can also create a macro to target any rares that are known in the current zone.

Tabard Addict

A simple addon that shows which tabards you have or have not equipped and suggests additional tabards to help with meeting the various tabard achievements. Open and/or close the window using the slash commands /ta or /tabardaddict.
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